Using navigation paths

A navigation path is a collection of non-measure columns that business users might associate for data exploration. Navigation paths are created in data modules, and can be used in reports and dashboards.

If navigation paths were defined in a data module, they are located in the Navigation paths folder in the data tree. The columns in the Navigation paths folder are also listed under their tables in the data tree.

Navigation paths folder

If you want to use the navigation path in your report, add any of its columns to the report. You can add the columns either from the Navigation paths folder or from the table. When you view the report in the preview mode or in the viewer, you see the navigate icon Navigation path icon in the report toolbar which indicates that a navigation path exists for the selected column.

Navigation path in a report

Users can click any column in the navigation path to navigate between levels of information. The users don’t need to follow the order of columns in the navigation path.

Note: Columns in the navigation path are typically single data module items. If a column is a complex expression which uses functions or macros, or references multiple columns, the navigation path is not available for this column in Reporting (the navigate icon Navigation path icon is not available).

For more information, see Creating navigation paths.