Drilling Up and Drilling Down in Dimensional Reports

When working with dimensional or dimensionally-modeled relational (DMR) data sources, you can create reports that allow the reader to view more general or more detailed information on your data within a predefined dimensional hierarchy (such as Years - Year - Quarter - Month) without having to create different reports.

You can link groups of data items from different queries so that when you drill up or drill down in one query, the data item also drills up or drills down in the linked queries. Linking data items is useful if your report includes more than one query with the same data item. For example, if your report shows a list and a crosstab that each include the Product Line data item, you can link the Product Line data item from the crosstab query to the Product Line data item from the list query so that when you drill up in the crosstab Product Line data item, the list Product Line data item also drills up.