Using the timeline

You can use the timeline to define when a widget enters or exits a scene, and to test a scene.

About this task

By default, all objects and widgets in a scene are visible for the full duration of the scene. To make an object appear or disappear, change the start time or end time that the object is visible anywhere along the timeline. The default duration for a scene is five seconds, which you can change.


  1. Open the story. The scene selector Scene selector icon contains the scenes in the story.
  2. Click Open timeline Open timeline icon.
  3. To change the canvas layering order of objects in a scene, click and drag timelines up and down to reorder them. You can also click and drag objects in the timeline from side to side.
  4. To change the granularity of the timeline, click Zoom in Zoom in icon, Zoom out Zoom out icon, or Zoom to fit Zoom to fit icon.
  5. Test the scene in any of the following ways:
    • Click Play play icon.
    • Slide the timeline scrubber along the timeline to see what the scene looks like at a specific point in time.
  6. To close the timeline and return to the scene selector, click Close Close timeline icon.