Cannot test a query subject from another source

You cannot test a query subject that you have imported from another data source.

For example, you test a query subject and get this error message:

QE-DEF-0177 An error occurred while performing operation 'sqlPrepareWithOptions' status='-201'.

UDA-SQL-0196 The table or view "GOSALES1.COGNOS.COM.GOSALES.CONVERSION_RATE" was not found in the dictionary.

To resolve this problem, ensure that the following conditions exist:

  • The Framework Manager data source object created by the import, and referenced by the query subject, has an identically named corresponding data source in the IBM® Cognos® Analytics content store.
  • The corresponding content store data source is valid and the connection information is correct.
  • The optional schema or catalog properties of the data source object that the import created and the query subject references are correct. For the databases accepting case-sensitive identifiers, ensure that the case is also correct.
  • The database object (table or view) represented by the query subject exists in the database with the identical name, and is accessible within the current connection.
  • The Query Type is valid. An invalid Query Type can exist if you import a query subject from SAP BW and change the value of the Query Type property for the data source. By default the value of Query Type is multidimensional. Do not change it.