Verifying configuration settings

Use this feature to verify settings in Cognos Configuration and avoid conflicts.

Important: You must specify fully qualified host names in the values for the following Cognos Configuration fields. Each value you specify must also appear in either the field Subject Alternative Name > DNS names or the field Subject Alternative Name > IP addresses.
  • Environment
    • Gateway URI
    • External dispatcher URI
    • Internal dispatcher URI
    • Dispatcher URI for external applications
    • Content Manager URIs
  • Environment > Configuration Group
    • Group contact host
    • Member coordination host
  • Security > Cryptography > Cognos
    • Server common name
    • Subject Alternative Name > DNS names
    • Subject Alternative Name > IP addresses


  1. Start Cognos Configuration.
  2. Select action item, then select Verify.
  3. Without starting the Cognos Analytics server, the following action items can be verified to ensure validity.
    • Environment > External Dispatcher URI
    • Environment > Internal Dispatcher URI
    • Environment > Dataset service port number
    • Environment > Logging > Local log server port number
    • Environment > Configuration Group > Member synchronisation port
    • Environment > Configuration Group > Member coordination port
  4. Verify if the settings are configured properly in the Environment > Configuration Group section. These settings need to be configured to match with the active Content Manager server.