Customize content locale support

To ensure users see reports, data or metadata in their preferred language, or specific to their region, you can add partial locales (language) or complete locales (language-region) to the Content Locales table. This way, if content is available in different languages, or in different locales, it is rendered to users based on their user locale. By default, content locale overrides product locale in the portal for some content.

If you view reports in Thai language, digits are not supported.

Before you begin

If a locale is not required, you can remove it from the list. You must leave at least one content locale in the list for the Application Tier Components to operate.

Adding incomplete locales (languages) to the IBM® Cognos® environment does not guarantee that your computer has a font that can display Web pages in your preferred languages. Ensure that you install the appropriate fonts to support the character sets and currency symbols you use. For Japanese and Korean currency symbols to appear correctly, you must install the additional fonts from the Supplementary Language Documentation disk.


  1. On each Content Manager computer, start IBM Cognos Configuration.
  2. From the Actions menu, click Edit Global Configuration.
  3. Click the Content Locales tab.

    All supported locales are displayed.

  4. Click Add.
    Tip: To remove support, select the check box next to the supported item and then click Remove.
  5. In the second column, type an appropriate value.
    • To add language support for report data and metadata, type a partial local (language) setting.
    • To add support specific to a region, type a complete locale (language-region) setting.
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for each additional locale that you want to support.
  7. From the File menu, click Save.