Configuring the Dataset service port number exchange timeout

To prevent Dataset service timeouts, you can increase the value of the dssPortNumberExchangeTimeout parameter.

The Dataset service can take a significant amount of time to start and prepare to serve incoming requests. If this time exceeds the default service port exchange timeout value of 5 minutes, the Dataset service is terminated.

The dssPortNumberExchangeTimeout parameter is contained in the xqe.config.xml file. To increase its value from the default value, follow these steps:


  1. Stop the IBM Cognos Analytics service.
  2. Go to installation_location\configuration
  3. If the file xqe.config.custom.xml does not yet exist, copy the file xqe.config.xml and rename it xqe.config.custom.xml
  4. Edit xqe.config.custom.xml:
    1. At the end of the <network> section, uncomment the following line:
      <!-- <dssPortNumberExchangeTimeout value="600"/> -->
      The end of the <network> section now looks like this:
      <!-- The dataset-service port number exchange timeout in seconds. Default is 300 (5 minutes). -->
              <dssPortNumberExchangeTimeout value="600"/>
    2. Save xqe.config.custom.xml.
  5. Restart the IBM Cognos Analytics service.
    The Dataset service port number exchange timeout is now set to 600 seconds, or 10 minutes.