Configuring the Image service

You can change the default settings in the Image service by editing the config.conf file and by updating Cognos Configuration.


  1. Edit the config.conf file.
    1. In a text editor, open the file cognos_installation_location/image-service/scripts/unix/config.conf for Linux or the file cognos_installation_location/image-service/scripts/windows/config.conf for Microsoft Windows 10.
    2. Specify values, as required, for the parameters listed in the following table:


      CERT_PATH The path to the catalog with included SSL certificates. This catalog should contain files with .pem extension. The name of the file is key.pem, for private keys, and the name is cert.pem for certificates. You can find more details in the section Securing the Image Service.


      The time, in milliseconds, over which the Image Service waits for the end of rendering process. By default, the time is 1,000 ms = 1 s.
      HOST_NAME The fully qualified domain name of the host. The default hostname environment variable may or may not reflect the fully qualified domain name. This should reflect the external domain URL that must be used to reach this server.
      Note: The URL may be different if an external proxy is used for ingress to this host.


      The number of headless browsers available.


      The maximum time, in milliseconds, that is allowed for rendering a single chart. By default, the time is 30,000 ms = 30 s.




      If necessary, you can set a memory limit for each user's container. The value can either be an integer (bytes) or a string with a 'K', 'M', 'G' or 'T' prefix. Examples: MEM_LIMIT=150M or MEM_LIMIT=2G. The default (no value) allows the user container to allocate what it needs.


      The time, in milliseconds, that defines how long a new request waits for resource that can be used to render a new chart. By default, the time is 3,000 ms = 3 s.
      SERVER_LIMIT This parameter can be used to set a ceiling on the number of user server instances that can be active at any time when the number of server instances reaches the defined limit. Subsequent users will see a page indicating that a session cannot be created and advising them to try again later. A link is also provided to retry starting the session. The default setting of 0 will not enforce any limit on the number of user server instances that can be created.
      Important: After you make any changes to the config.conf file, you must follow these steps:
      1. Run the image-service/scripts/unix/ command for Linux or the image-service/scripts/windows/build.bat command for Windows script to apply your changes.
      2. Run the image-service/scripts/unix/ command for Linux or the image-service/scripts/windows/startup.bat command for Windows script to see your changes.
  2. When Cognos Analytics and the Image service are running, configure Cognos Analytics to use the Image service:
    1. Click the Open menu icon Open menu icon, and then click Manage > Configuration > System > Environment
    2. Enter the Image Service URL value.
      Tip: The default value is http://host_name:9080
    3. Click Apply.