Memory settings

Memory settings depend on many factors, such as the level of activity that is expected on the server, the complexity of the IBM® Cognos® applications, the number of users and requests, and acceptable response times.

If your environment supports more than 100 named users, is complex, experiences high peak usage periods, or includes any combination of these factors, consider completing a capacity plan. For more information, see IBM Cognos Analytics services (

To determine the settings that are best suited for your environment, performance testing is advised.

Use the following memory settings as a starting point and adjust them based on the memory usage of your system.
  • 2 GB for the base operating system and accompanying software, such as antivirus, backup and enterprise management software
  • 8 GB for the Dispatcher JVM (Content Manager or Application Tier)
  • 2 GB for Cognos Graphics Service JVM
  • 8 GB for Query Service / Dataset Service JVM
  • 2 GB per BIBus for report server processes
  • 1 GB initial heap size for Compute service for Datasets / 8 GB Maximum (default settings)