Start IBM Cognos Configuration

Use IBM® Cognos® Configuration to configure IBM Cognos Analytics components and to start and stop IBM Cognos services.

Before you begin

Before starting IBM Cognos Configuration, ensure that the operating environment is properly set up. For example, ensure that all environment variables have been set.

On a Microsoft™ Windows™ operating system, you can start IBM Cognos Configuration in the last page of the installation wizard only if additional setup is not required. For example, if you use a database server other than Microsoft SQL for the content store, copy the Java™ Database Connectivity (JDBC) drivers to the install_location/drivers folder before you start the configuration tool.

On UNIX® or Linux® operating systems, do not start IBM Cognos Configuration in the last page of the installation wizard. Additional setup is required before you can configure IBM Cognos Analytics. For example, you must update your Java environment.

Ensure that user or service account used to run IBM Cognos has been set up.

Read Critical configuration actions to take first!.


  1. On Microsoft Windows, click Start > IBM Cognos Configuration.

    If you are using a Windows computer, and have installed the product to the Program Files (x86) directory, start IBM Cognos Configuration as an Administrator.

  2. On UNIX or Linux operating systems, go to the install_location/bin64 directory and then type the following command:


    If IBM Cognos Configuration does not open, ensure that you set the DISPLAY environment variable.

    If you see a JAVA.Lang.unsatisfied link message, verify that you are using a supported version of Java.

    If you see a Java.lang.unsupportedClassVersionError message, ensure that you are using a 64-bit version of Java.