Specify a connection to an email server

If you want to send Cognos® Analytics content by email, you must configure a connection to your email server.


  1. In the Explorer window, under Data Access, click Notification.
  2. In the Properties window, for the SMTP mail server property, type the host name and port of your SMTP (outgoing) email server.

    To be able to open content that is sent by email, you must change the host name portion of the Gateway URI from localhost to either the IP address of the computer or the computer name. Otherwise the URL in the email will contain localhost, and remote users will not be able to open the content.

    To be able to open content that is sent as links, ensure that the Gateway URI on report servers and notification servers specifies an accessible web server hosting IBM® Cognos content. If you have mobile users accessing links remotely, consider using an external URI.

  3. Click the Value box next to the Account and password property, and click the edit button when it appears.
  4. Type the values in the Value - Account and password dialog box, and click OK.

    If logon credentials are not required for the SMTP server, remove the default information for the Account and password property. When you are prompted for confirmation to leave this property blank, click OK. Ensure that the default user name is removed. Otherwise, the default account is used and notifications do not work properly.

  5. In the Properties window, type the appropriate value for the default sender account.
  6. In the Explorer window, right-click Notification, and click Test.

    IBM Cognos Analytics tests the email server connection.