Installing Content Manager on UNIX or Linux operating systems

Use the following procedure to install Content Manager on a UNIX or Linux® operating system.

Before you begin

Go to the IBM Software Product Compatibility Reports page ( to verify that the required patches are installed on your computer.


  1. Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to the installation location of your Java™ Runtime Environment (JRE), such as /directory/java/java_version/jre.

    IBM® Cognos® Analytics requires a JVM, such as the one that is provided by IBM, to run on Linux operating system.

  2. Go to the location where the installation files were downloaded and extracted.
    Tip: Use new versions of file compression software to extract the files. Older versions of such software might not extract the files.
  3. To start the installation wizard, go to the operating system directory, and type ./ca_srv_<platform>_<build>.bin
    Tip: When you use the ca_srv_<platform>_<build>.bin command with XWindows, Japanese characters in messages and log files may be corrupted. When installing in Japanese on UNIX or Linux, first set environment variables LANG=C and LC_ALL=C (where C is the language code), and then start the installation wizard.

    If you do not use XWindows, run an unattended installation. For more information, see Silent installation, uninstallation, and configuration.

  4. Follow the directions in the installation wizard to copy the files to your computer and implement a basic configuration.
    • When selecting the directory, consider the following:

      Install Content Manager in a directory that contains only ASCII characters in the path name. Some UNIX and Linux Web servers do not support non-ASCII characters in directory names.

      If you are installing IBM Cognos Analytics on a computer that has an earlier version of IBM Cognos Analytics and you want to keep the earlier version, you must install the new version in a different directory.

    • When selecting components, clear all components except for Content repository.
  5. Click Finish.

What to do next

Do not configure IBM Cognos Analytics immediately because you must do other tasks first to ensure that your environment is properly set up.

You can later configure IBM Cognos Analytics using IBM Cognos Configuration by typing in the install_location/bin64 directory.