Summarizing data in the Active Report output

You can add an output summary to a list or crosstab control that reflects the data that appears in the control when an active report is viewed.

About this task

You can add two types of summaries to an active report: regular summaries and output summaries. Regular summaries are available to all reports while output summaries are available only to active reports. When you add summaries to a report, you can aggregate large quantities of data and identify significances in the combined value. For example, if you want to calculate the voter turnout of a specific region, rather than count individual votes, you can aggregate the total votes received by each candidate.


  1. In a list or crosstab, click the column or row for which you want to add an output summary.
  2. In the report object toolbar, click the summarize button Summarize button icon. and then, under Summarize in Output, choose the summary that you want to add to the active report output.
    Tip: After you add an output summary, you can specify a different aggregation method. Select the summary data item in the list or crosstab, click the Properties icon Show properties icon, and for the Output summary property, choose the aggregation method that you want.