Notifications help you stay on top of important data. If you subscribe to a report or report view, you are notified every time your subscription is delivered. If you view saved output and you want to know when there's a new version of the report, you can subscribe to it.

The Subscribe option is available in view mode of a saved output version of a report when you tap the More button the More icon in the application bar.

Tip: To ensure that you are in view mode, and not in edit mode, turn the edit toggle Edit toggle off off.

If you request notification and then someone runs that report, you get a notification with a link to the updated version.

When you subscribe, if you choose the Save the report on the system delivery option, you receive a notification with a link to the new report version. To see all your notifications, tap the Notifications icon Notifications icon in the application bar. When yo revive a new notification, a number is added to the icon the Notifications icon.

For more information, see Subscribing to reports.