Work in design, preview, or structure view

IBM® Cognos® Analytics - Reporting has three views in which you can author reports: Page design view, Page preview view, and Page structure view.

You choose a report authoring view by selecting one of them on the application bar. Different options are available in each view, so you often need to use all views. For example, you must use the Page design and Page structure views to remove sections in relational reporting.

Page design view

The default view in Cognos Analytics - Reporting. In this view, you can see what your report will look like after you run it.

Page preview view

Shows you the current report page with live data. In this view, you can edit the report, such as inserting data items into empty data containers.

When you are authoring an IBM Cognos Active Report, the page preview view shows you live data as you format the report.

Page structure view

Displays an overview of all of the report objects in your report in a tree structure, which is organized by page.