Web browser settings

IBM® Cognos® Analytics - Reporting can be used with different web browsers.

To review an up-to-date list of the web browsers that are supported by IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud go to IBM Cognos Analytics on Premises 12.0.x Supported Software Environments, find your release, and then select Prerequisite Software > Supported Software.

Browser settings required for Cognos Analytics

The following table shows the settings that must be enabled.

Table 1. Enabled browser settings



All browsers Allow pop-ups for all Cognos Analytics pages


Allow Cookies

Enable Java™

Enable JavaScript

Load Images


Allow Cookies

Enable JavaScript

Load Images

Safari 5

Enable Java

Enable JavaScript

Block Cookies: Never

Google Chrome

Cookies: Allow local data to be set

Images: Show all images

JavaScript: Allow all sites to run JavaScript

Limitations for the Safari web browser on Apple iPadOS 13 operating system

There are some limitations to reporting functionality for Safari web browser on Apple iPad that is running the iPadOS 13 operating system. The following issues can occur:
Run as PDF produces HTML output
A report that you expect to see in PDF format is displayed in HTML format. To fix this problem, see below.
When you click the Open menu icon Open menu icon, and then click new icon, the Report option is available.
Although you can create a report, this functionality is not supported. Disable it as explained below.
Edit mode (edit icon) is available for a report
Although you can use edit mode, it is not supported. Disable it as explained below.
Unable to select multiple values on prompt page
You can select all values, but not multiple values. Disable it as explained below.

To prevent the previously listed issues, go to the settings for Safari, scroll to the Settings for Website section, and disable the Request Desktop Website option.