Legacy visualizations

You can use legacy visualizations in IBM® Cognos® reports to visualize data.

Visualizations are available from the IBM Cognos Analytics blog Custom visualizations used in the samples (https://community.ibm.com/community/user/businessanalytics/blogs/steven-macko/2016/10/06/ibm-cognos-analytics-custom-visualizations-used-in-the-samples). For more information about administration and visualizations, see the IBM Cognos Analytics Administration and Security Guide.

Tip: IBM Cognos Analytics samples include visualizations.

Because visualizations are extensible, they can be customized by an author with the necessary skills. You can create client-side visualizations that report consumers can run when they are not connected to the web. You can also use visualizations on mobile devices.

Some of the visualizations that you can add to your reports are treemaps, heatmaps, packed bubble visualizations, and network diagrams.

You can set properties that are available for each visualization type. These properties are determined by the visualization definition. Typically, you can set such properties as width, height, animation effect, and fixed-axis scaling.

Extensible visualizations support all Active Report interactivity. For example, you can use Active Report controls to dynamically filter visualizations to view only the data that you want to analyze.