Active Reports

You can use IBM® Cognos® Analytics - Reporting to create active reports - highly interactive and easy-to-use type of reports. Active reports are built for business users, allowing them to explore their data and derive additional insight.

Active reports make business intelligence easier for the casual user. Report authors build reports targeted at their users' needs, keeping the user experience simple and engaging. Active reports can be consumed offline, making them an ideal solution for remote users, such as the sales force.

Active reports are an extension of the traditional IBM Cognos report. You can leverage existing reports and convert them to active reports by adding interactive behavior, providing end users with an easy-to-consume interface.

Like existing IBM Cognos reports, you can execute active reports from the Cognos Analytics portal as well as schedule and burst them to users.

You build active reports with the same objects that you use to build other report types. However, there are objects that are specific to active reports. These objects fall into two categories:

  • Active report controls
  • Active report variables

For tips about building active reports, see the IBM Developer Analytics page (

Note: Cognos Active Report does not support JavaScript.