Specify report properties

You can change the default report property settings.


  1. Click the Show properties icon the show properties icon, and navigate to the report level properties.
  2. To specify the classes that IBM® Cognos® Analytics - Reporting uses to format objects, click Report styles version and choose one of the available options.
    Table 1. Mapping of report styles versions to Cognos Analytics versions
    Report styles version Cognos Analytics version
    11.x 11.0.0
    11.4 11.0.4
    11.5 11.1.2
    11.6 11.1.7
  3. For reports with multiple data containers, to render the default number of rows of each data container on each HTML page, you must set the Page break by data container for interactive HTML option to Yes. The default value is No.
  4. To show each report page in its own tab in HTML output, click the View pages as tabs menu and select the location where you want the tabs to appear in browsers.
  5. To create a single, scrollable HTML page when you run and save this report as HTML from the IBM Cognos Analytics portal, clear the Paginate saved HTML output checkbox.

    The default is to paginate HTML reports with the same page breaks as PDF reports. The single, scrollable HTML page will be available from the IBM Cognos Analytics portal when you click the view report output versions action view output versions for this report icon.

  6. If you work with reports that are created in IBM Cognos ReportNet and you want to create CSV report output, click Use 1.x CSV export.

    This option ensures that all the query columns are exported. In IBM Cognos ReportNet, if a data item was referenced by using the Properties property of a list, it was included in the CSV output. The default is to export only the columns in the list.