Running a report

Run your report to see the data that is retrieved. Save time by validating it first to check for errors.

You can also run a report or a group of reports in the IBM® Cognos® Analytics portal.

You can specify not to render a report page if it does not contain any data.

When you run a report in an export format such as PDF, delimited text (CSV), Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software (XLS), the IBM Cognos report name is used as the exported file name.

If you run a report that uses functions or features not supported by the data source, an error message appears. We recommend that you periodically test your reports while you author them in IBM Cognos Analytics - Reporting to ensure that you do not encounter multiple error messages when you run the report.


  1. Open a report in edit mode.
  2. If you want to clear parameter values stored on the IBM Cognos Analytics server, click the More icon More icon in the application bar and click Clear all parameters.

    Parameter values stored by the IBM Cognos Analytics server include sign-on, validation, and prompt information. For example, if you define two data source connections in the Cognos Analytics portal that point to the same data source, you are prompted to choose one when you run a report. This information is stored so that you are not prompted each time you run the report.

  3. If you want to view only the tabular data for a query, do the following:
    1. Click the Toolbox icon The toolbox icon.
    2. Click the Queries icon Queries icon.
    3. Right-click the query.
    4. Click View tabular data.

    Use this command to ensure that the right results appear. For example, you create a calculation and you want to ensure it is giving you the results you want.

  4. If you want to set run options, click the Run options icon Run options icon and click Show run options property.
    Note: The run options that you set apply only to the current session. When you close Cognos Analytics - Reporting, the options return to the default settings.
  5. Change any values for the current session.



    Paper size

    Specify only if the output format is PDF.

    Paper orientation

    Specify only if the output format is PDF.

    Data mode

    Specify how much data is returned:

    • All Data returns all data.
    • Limited Data limits the amount of data returned based on design mode filters defined in the package.
    • No Data returns artificial data instead of actual data from the data source.

    For more information about design mode filters, see the IBM Cognos Framework Manager User Guide.


    The content language sets the preferred language for the data, IBM Cognos Viewer, dates, and so on.

    Rows per page

    Specifies the number of rows to appear on each page.

    A Rows Per Page property exists in the Properties pane for lists and crosstabs. If you set this property, the setting overrides the same-named run option. This property applies to both HTML and PDF outputs. For more information about this property, see Controlling the Rows Per Page for Multiple Containers in HTML and PDF.


    Select to be prompted for each prompt defined unless the prompt is defined in a report page.

    If you clear the Prompt check box, you are prompted only if the report cannot run without user intervention. For example, if a report has a single parameterized filter that is optional, you are not prompted when you run the report.

    Include accessibility features

    Specifies whether accessibility features, such as alternate text on images and charts and summary text in tables, are included in the report output.

    This option is also used for conditional layouts in Reporting. When the option is selected, you can specify that a crosstab is rendered as an accessible alternate to a chart.

    Enable bidirectional support

    Specifies whether to enable bidirectional support in the report output.

    Tip: You can also enable bidirectional support in Cognos Analytics portal by modifying your user preferences (My Preferences link). If you enable bidirectional support in Cognos Analytics portal, this run option will be automatically selected.

    Include performance details

    Specifies whether to include performance details.

    The option Include performance details is designed for authors that want to interactively view the performance of their reports. You can use Include performance details while you are designing your page by running as HTML or by using the preview mode within the authoring mode.

  6. Click the Run options icon and click one of the format options.

    You can produce a report in HTML, PDF, CSV, and various Microsoft Excel formats. You cannot produce a report in CSV format if you have more than one query defined in the report, unless the additional queries are used for prompts.

    Restriction: The formats that are available depend on the capabilities set by the administrator for each user. You may not be able to run reports in all formats. For more information, see the IBM Cognos Analytics Administration and Security Guide or contact your administrator.


The report runs in the report viewer. Once the report has finished running, you can run the report again in the same format or in a different format. If you run the report again in CSV or XLS format, the report will appear in a new browser window.

Note: Cognos Analytics - Reporting, HTML viewers, and reports use standard HTML. Because reports have moved from quirks to standard HTML, there might be small differences in item sizes. These differences do not have an impact on the majority of reports that were created in previous Cognos versions. However, minor changes might be required in a small number of existing reports, such as reports that are printed on forms.