Reusing a style from another object

To reuse a style, you define a style for one object, save it, and then apply the style to another object of the same type.

About this task

You can create and reuse styles for almost any object, other than a visualization. For example, create a style for a header, save it, and then apply it to other headers in your report. Use the Style current selection icon style current selection icon in the on-demand toolbar to see the styles for an object, all in one place.
Note: You can also apply style to an object by changing individual object properties through the on-demand toolbar or the Properties pane.


  1. On the canvas, select the object to which you want to apply a style.
  2. In the on-demand toolbar, click Style current selection and select New style.
  3. In the Style name field, enter a name for the style.
  4. In the Style wistyle current selection iconndow, define the style by setting values for the elements in the style. The elements that are available depend on the type of object that you are styling.
    For example, for a crosstab, you can define how the text, size and position, background, and the border looks. You can also customize the style for cells, rows, and other elements.
  5. To apply the style to the current object, click Apply.
  6. To save the style so that you can apply to other objects, click Save style.
  7. Click Close.


When you select an object, you can click the Style current selection icon style current selection icon, and the style you created appears in the list. You can apply it to other objects of the same type, edit, or delete it.