Insert a member

By default, when you insert members from the source tree into your report with IBM® Cognos® Analytics - Reporting, single members are inserted without any details or children. You can change how members are inserted. For example, you may want to insert a member along with all its children or insert only the member's children. Or you may want to insert members as a set.

When you double-click a member that you have already inserted in your report, by default, its children are inserted after the parent member. You can control whether the children are inserted before or after, nested, or not inserted at all: click the More icon More icon in the application bar, Options, and in the Edit tab, click a setting under Double-click on member action.

When inserting members into a crosstab, ensure that you insert members from the same hierarchy on only one of the crosstab edges. If you insert members from the same hierarchy on both edges of the crosstab, you may encounter unexpected results. For example, a report that uses members from years in the rows and Quarters in the columns is very difficult to read because the useful numbers are distributed over a large area of mostly blank cells.

Calculated members from the data source also appear in the source tree. However, calculated members in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) cubes do not appear in the list of descendants in the query. If you want these calculated members to appear in a report or a prompt, you must insert them explicitly.


  1. Click the Insertable objects icon Insertable objects, click the Source tab source tab, and then click the Options icon dimensional data view options icon.
  2. Under Insert, click Individual Members.
  3. Under Member Insert Options, select how you want to insert members.
  4. If you want to insert members within a set instead of inserting individual members, under Insert, click Create sets.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • To insert a member above or below another member, drag the new member above or below a cell.

      A flashing black bar appears where you can drop the new member.

    • To replace a member, drag the new member to the cell with the member to replace.

      A flashing black box appears where you can drop the new member.