Insert a Hierarchy

You can quickly insert entire hierarchies in a report.

When using an IBM® Cognos® PowerCube, a SSAS cube, or a dimensionally-modeled relational data source, you can insert multiple hierarchies from the same dimension in a crosstab. For example, you can place one hierarchy from a dimension on an edge of the crosstab and nest another hierarchy from the same dimension on the same edge, on another edge, or in the Context filter area.

You can also perform arithmetic, percentage, and ranking calculations using multiple hierarchies.

Summary or analytic calculations that refer to different hierarchies from the same dimension, such as total, count, average, minimum, and maximum, are not supported. These calculations cause an OP-ERR-0250 error.


  1. Click the Insertable objects icon Insertable objects, click the Source tab source tab, drag the hierarchy hierarchy icon to the report.
  2. In the Insert hierarchy dialog box, choose which members to insert:
    • To insert only the root members of the hierarchy, click Root members.
    • To insert all members of the hierarchy, click All members.
      Tip: The default Level indentation property for all members is to show the hierarchical structure when the report is run.