Modifying a relationship

After you import data or create a relationship in IBM® Cognos® Framework Manager, you can rename the relationship and redefine cardinality.

You can create custom relationship expressions by selecting an operator from the list or by manually changing the expression in the expression editor.

You can also create a complex expression for the relationship.

You can view the relationships that already exist for an object by selecting the object and clicking Launch Context Explorer from the Tools menu.


  1. Click a relationship and, click Actions, Edit Definition.
  2. To modify existing elements, on the Relationship Expression tab, select the query items, cardinalities, and operator you want.

    The query items must have the same data type.

  3. To create an additional join, on the Relationship Expression tab, click New Link, and define the new relationship.
  4. To test the relationship, on the Relationship SQL tab, identify the number of rows you want returned and click Test.
  5. Click OK.

    If your metadata is from an OLAP data source, click Close.