Create a Calculated Field

You can use a calculated field to dynamically create burst report recipients.


  1. Click the Queries icon Queries icon, and click the query that will produce the data to distribute.
  2. Click the Toolbox icon The toolbox icon and drag Data Item to the Data Items pane.
  3. To give the data item a more meaningful name, in the Name box, replace the default name.
  4. In the Expression Definition box, type the expression that will generate the list of recipients and click OK.

    For example, typing the following expression builds the list of the employees of The Samples Outdoors Company. The expression concatenates the first letter of each employee's first name with their last name.

    lower(substring([Employee summary (query)].[Employee by organization].[First name],1,1) + [Employee summary (query)].[Employee by organization].[Last name])