Changing how data is aggregated

You can change how numeric data is summarized or aggregated. IBM® Cognos Analytics assigns a default aggregation type to numerical columns when a data asset is imported. For example, the default aggregation for a column called Age is average. The default aggregation for column called Revenue is sum. When you use a column in a visualization, the default aggregation is used.


  1. Click the Sources icon.
    Sources icon

    If you don't see the Sources icon, click the Switch to edit icon.

    Switch to edit icon
  2. In the Data pane, click the Menu icon for the column that you want to modify, and click Properties.
    Actions icon
  3. Click Aggregate, and choose another method:
    The total value for the selected column.
    The average value of the selected column.
    The lowest value in the column.
    The highest value in the column.
    How many rows are in the selected column. Blanks are not included in the count but duplicates are included. For example, if a city appears in 10 rows, it is counted each time that it appears.
    Count distinct
    How many unique rows are in the selected column. Duplicate rows are counted once. For example, if a city appears in 10 rows, it is counted only the first time that it appears.