Specify that a prompt requires user input

You can specify that a prompt requires user input before the report can run.


  1. Click the prompt control.
  2. In the Properties pane, set the Required property to Yes.
  3. Click the Pages icon Pages icon, and click a report page.
  4. Click the report object associated with the prompt, from the report object toolbar, click Filters filter icon and then click Edit filters.
  5. Click the filter associated with the prompt.
  6. In the Usage box, click Required.


When you run the report, a star appears next to the prompt indicating that the user must select or type a value.

If you have a cascading prompt and the parent prompt control is required, the child prompt control is disabled. This ensures that users choose at least one value in the parent prompt before they can choose a value in the child prompt. Conversely, if the parent control is optional, then the child control is populated. This gives users the ability to choose values in the child prompt without having to choose a value in the parent prompt.