Functionality mapping from Cognos BI to Cognos Analytics

IBM® Cognos® Analytics is the next version of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.

The following table describes where you can find BI functionality in Cognos Analytics. The companion applications are only available in the user interface if they are installed and if legacy applications are enabled in a custom installation of Cognos Analytics. Some of the companion applications are installed separately.

Table 1. BI to Cognos Analytics functionality mapping
IBM Cognos Business Intelligence IBM Cognos Analytics
Cognos Connection Welcome portal.
Cognos Viewer The viewer is not named. Depending on the item you view, there is different functionality in the viewer.
Report Studio Reporting component in Cognos Analytics.
No equivalent, new in Cognos Analytics Data Modules.
Cognos Administration Manage is the primary administration component in Cognos Analytics. Some of the Cognos Administration functionality is still available and used from the Administration console.
Workspace Advanced The Reporting component incorporates Workspace Advanced functionality. Page preview in Reporting is similar to Page preview in Workspace Advanced.
Drill-through definitions Drill-through definitions are supported in Framework Manager packages, but not in data modules.
Event Studio Cognos Analytics 12.0.0 and earlier versions support Event Studio as one of the companion applications. As of Cognos Analytics 12.0.1, Event Studio is reinstated as a core component, and renamed to Event agent.
My Inbox

My Inbox is supported in coordination with Notifications.

Framework Manager Framework Manager