Using global parameters

You can use global parameters to tailor reports according to your role, and to maintain consistency across reports. This type of parameters can be used by all report authors.

Administrators create global parameters and assign default values for them. If you specify custom values for the parameters, these values are automatically applied when the reports run.

You can apply parameter values with or without prompts:

  • If applied on a prompt page, the parameter defaults to the value you defined in My parameters
  • If applied in a filter expression, the report runs with the default values that you selected previously

About this task

You can use global parameters when you perform these tasks:


  1. Click the My parameters icon My parameters icon in the main application bar.
    Note: If you don't see the My parameters icon, then your administrator hasn't defined any global parameters for your role.

    The My parameters pane opens. Parameters that were created by your administrator are listed. For each parameter, values appear. Check boxes are selected next to values that your administrator specified as the default values.

  2. If you want to use a different default value than the one assigned by your administrator, you can select a different value.
    Tip: Check with your administrator before you change default parameter values. There might be a reason why the administrator set a value.
  3. If you change one or more default values, but then decide to revert to the values set by your administrator, click Reset.