Narrative insights in the Assistant

You can see narrative insights for your data in the Assistant, with or without a chart. Narrative insights are auto-generated and help you see meaningful aspects of your data in natural language.

The Assistant can display insights for all types of data sources, including enriched packages.

The Assistant displays narrative insights automatically when it renders a chart or a visualization. These insights can use data from outside the visualization (such as other measures, categories, or time dimensions) to draw conclusions, explain and highlight potential drivers or underlying causes, or further breakdown data.

Note: Narrative insights are not supported in the Crosstab and Table visualizations.
Narrative insights with a visualization in the Assistant

Filters, aggregations, and relative time applied to the chart are also applied to the insights.

You can also ask the Assistant to show you insights without a chart. Enter show insights for <column name> to see insights. Other commands you can use in the Assistant to view insights without a chart are explain <column name> or analyze <column name>.

Narrative insights in the Assistant without visualization

Sharing insights from the Assistant

If you are using Cognos Analytics 12.0.1 or a later version, you can share insights with or without a visualization from the Assistant via email, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Important: Your administrator must configure a mail server and/or a collaboration platform before you can use this feature. You also need to have access permission for Collaborate capabilities.

When the Assistant returns a visualization with top insights in response to your query, you can choose to share the visualization and/or insights.

  1. Click Share to select the platform through which you want to share the insights.
    Share option displays for a visualization with insights in the Assistant
  2. Select what you want to share. By default, both the visualization and insights are selected. If you have more than one insight, you can choose the ones you want to share.
    Select insights with or without the visualization that you want to share from the Share panel
  3. Follow the prompts to select the recipient and enter a message.