Add a page to a report

Add pages to create a multiple-page report.

About this task

Reports may contain pages with a variety of content. For example, you are creating a sales report and you want to include general information about the company. You decide to create an introduction page to show this information. When you run the report, page 1 of the report is the introduction page and the following pages contain data

Tip: The TOC Report sample report in the GO Data Warehouse (query) package includes multiple pages.


  1. Click the Pages icon Pages icon and click Report pages.
    Tip: Click Prompt pages to add a prompt page.
  2. Click the Toolbox icon The toolbox icon, drag Page to the work area.
  3. To change the order of pages, drag pages above or below other pages.
  4. To associate a query to the page, in the Properties pane, set the Query property to the query.

    Associate the page to a query to add data-related objects directly to the page header, body, or footer, such as data items and filters.

  5. Double-click the page to open it in page design view.
  6. Add objects to the page.