Specifies the name and values of a prompt parameter. The values used are the useValue elements of a GetPromptAnswersResponse response element. For example, p_P_Year=[Promotion].[Time].[Time].[Year]->[Time].[2005]. (See Running a report with prompts.)

The following table shows the forms of this option that may also be used.

Table 1. Prompt parameter samples
Form Example
p_parameter=<start>:<end> p_OrderNumber=1156:1156
p_parameter=<MIN>:<end> p_SalesTarget=<MIN>:500
p_parameter=<start>:<MAX> p_SalesTarget=500:<MAX>
p_parameter=<NULL> p_Country=<NULL>
p_parameter=<NONE> p_Country=<NONE>



p_parameter=<NONE> is used to skip an optional parameter. It is distinct from p_parameter=<NULL>, which send a NULL value, or p_parameter="", which sends a blank value for the prompt.