Distributing components

When you install IBM® Cognos® Analytics server components, you specify where to place the application tier, the data tier (Content Manager), and the optional gateway tier components.

You can use the following installation scenarios:

  • Install all components on one computer.

    This option is typically used for departmental deployments, as a demonstration system, or in a proof of concept environment.

  • Install application tier components and Content Manager on separate computers.

    Choose this option to maximize performance, availability, capacity, or security based on the processing characteristics of your organization.

  • Install the optional gateway on a separate computer.

    In this option, the gateway and web server are on one computer, and the remaining Cognos components are on other computers. You can choose this option if you have existing web servers that are available to handle Cognos Analytics components requests.

  • Consolidate multiple servers by installing on System z®

    IBM Cognos Analytics is supported for Linux® on System z operating system. This type of installation is suitable when you are setting up or customizing an installation in your environment to suit IT and infrastructure requirements.

After installing the server components, you must configure them so they can communicate with each other.

In addition to installing the data tier (Content Manager), application tier, and optional gateway tier components, you can also install Cognos Framework Manager, the metadata modeling tool, and Cognos Transformer, the modeling tool for creating PowerCubes. No matter which IBM Cognos installation scenario you follow, install the modeling components in separate locations.