IBM Cognos Analytics with other IBM Cognos products

You can install IBM® Cognos® Analytics in an environment that includes other IBM Cognos products.

The installation wizard for IBM Cognos Analytics can recognize compatible directories and shows a warning when conflicts occur. After IBM Cognos Analytics is installed, you can access objects that are created in another IBM Cognos product in IBM Cognos Analytics. The requirements for access depend on how you choose to run the two products.

Duplicated Services if Using Multiple Products

Many IBM Cognos products use similar services, such as the report service and the presentation service. If you are using multiple products, such as IBM Cognos Analytics with IBM Cognos PowerPlay®, you must disable some of the duplicated services to ensure your products work properly.

For example, you have IBM Cognos Analytics and IBM Cognos PowerPlay installed. Both products have a reports service and a presentation service. If both products are accessed through the same gateway, reports that must be run on the IBM Cognos Analytics services could be routed to the IBM Cognos PowerPlay services. The result may be that your reports will display an error.