Creating a Secure Gateway instance

Creating a Secure Gateway instance is the first step in establishing a connection between the IBM Secure Gateway server and your on-premises data.

Secure Gateway map with the cloud highlighted


  1. Click Manage > Secure Gateway.
    • If no Secure Gateway instances exist yet, the Secure Gateway page appears.
    • If other gateways exist, the Secure Gateway list appears.
  2. Launch the Connect to an on-premises database wizard.
    • If you are on the Secure Gateway page, click Create.
    • If you are on the Secure Gateway list page, click the Add Gateway button Create connection icon.
  3. Enter a name for the gateway.
    Note: You can ignore the token expiration value for now. It refers to the security token that will be generated for your new gateway.
  4. Click Create.

    The gateway instance is created and the wizard advances to the next page.

What to do next

Your next step is to install and configure the Secure Gateway Client.