Cognos Analytics on Cloud On-Demand

Cognos Analytics on Cloud on-Demand is a version of Cognos Analytics on Cloud that is available to you digitally, via self-service. The product is updated to the latest version upon availability. This offering has two tiers: Standard and Premium.

Who should use Cognos Analytics on Cloud On-Demand?

You may want to register for Cognos Analytics on Cloud On-Demand if you meet these criteria:

  • Check box icon You are willing to connect to data sources only when connected through a Secure Gateway or to one of the supported on Cloud databases.
  • Check box icon Your organization uses only one namespace.
  • Check box icon You are willing to authenticate using IBMid or with an identity provider that is federated to IBMid.
  • Check box icon You are not an existing On-Demand customer.
  • Check box icon You are willing to migrate all of your content in one move. You cannot perform partial imports.


Supported databases can use SSL connections via imported certificates that are stored in the cloud. For more information, see Securing your data server connection using a cloud-based certificate.

For a full list of functions and whether they are supported by Cognos Analytics on Cloud On-Demand, see Cognos Analytics offerings.


You should be aware that the Cognos Analytics on Cloud On-Demand offering has the following limitations:

  • If you are migrating from Cognos Analytics on Cloud Hosted:
    • Your capability settings are not transferred.
    • Default Cognos groups and roles are migrated. However, they lose all capabilities that were assigned to them.
    • If your default Cognos groups and roles were used to secure content, that security is maintained.
  • You cannot secure certificates.
  • Cognos Analytics on Demand does not support the following:
    • Jobs
    • IBM Cognos Administration console
    • Default Cognos groups and roles. You can create new custom roles. However, you can use them only to secure content; you cannot change the capabilities of a user, group, or role.
    • Images and fonts
    • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
    • Framework Manager
    • Power cubes and Transformer
    • Compatible query mode (CQM)