Notebook actions

After you've saved a notebook, you can perform actions on it from the welcome page or from My content or Team content.

Click the Action menu Vertical actions menu icon for the notebook, and select one of the following actions:
Open the notebook in the Jupyter Notebook Editor.
Run the notebook in the background. A message is displayed when the notebook starts running and when it finishes. Also a notification is added to your unread notifications Notifications icon.
When you view a notebook, you can see its contents but you can't edit or run it.
View the notebook properties. This is where you can schedule a notebook to run at regular intervals or on a specific date and time. For more information, see Scheduling an entry.
Create a new job
Add a notebook to a job that runs the notebook at a scheduled time. For more information, see Using jobs to schedule multiple entries.
Take ownership
Take ownership of the notebook. When you own a notebook, you can change the permissions for it. This action is available only in Team content since you already own the notebooks in My content. For more information, see Simple and granular access permissions.
Copy or move
Copy or move the notebook. For more information, see Copying or moving entries.
Create a shortcut
Create a shortcut to your notebook in My content or Team content.
You can copy the URL of the notebook and use it in other places. If Cognos® Analytics is connected to a collaboration tool, such as Slack, you can send a link to your notebook to other users. For more information, see Sharing content.
Remove from Recent
Remove the notebook from the Recent view. It still exists in My content or Team content.
Delete the notebook from Cognos Analytics.
Tip: You can also access these actions in My content or Team content from the actions toolbar for a notebook. A subset of these actions is available if you do not have the Edit notebook capability.