Configuring an IBM Cognos Series 7 Namespace

You can configure IBM® Cognos® to use one or more IBM Cognos Series 7 namespaces for authentication.


  1. In every location where you installed Content Manager, open IBM Cognos Configuration.
  2. In the Explorer window, under Security, right-click Authentication, and then click New resource > Namespace.
  3. In the Name box, type a name for your authentication namespace.
  4. In the Type list, click the appropriate namespace and then click OK.

    The new authentication provider resource appears in the Explorer window, under the Authentication component.

  5. In the Properties window, for the Namespace ID property, specify a unique identifier for the namespace.
  6. Specify the values for all other required properties to ensure that IBM Cognos components can locate and use your existing authentication provider.

    If your IBM Cognos Series 7 namespace version is 16.0, ensure that the Data encoding property is set to UTF-8. In addition, the locations where Content Manager is installed must use the same locale as the data in the IBM Cognos Series 7 namespace.

    The host value can be a server name or an IP address. If you are publishing from PowerPlay® Enterprise Server to IBM Cognos Analytics, you must use the same value format that is used in IBM Cognos Series 7 Configuration Manager for the location of the directory server.

    For example, if the server name is used in IBM Cognos Series 7 Configuration Manager, you must also use the server name in IBM Cognos Configuration for IBM Cognos Analytics.
  7. If your namespace environment includes version 15.2 of the IBM Cognos Series 7 namespace, you must disable the Series7NamespacesAreUnicode setting.
    • In the Properties window, in the Advanced Properties value, click the edit icon.
    • In the Value - Advanced properties window, click Add.
    • In the Name box, type Series7NamespacesAreUnicode.
    • In the Value box, type False, and then click OK.
  8. In the Properties window, under Cookie settings, ensure that the Path, Domain, and Secure flag enabled properties match the settings that are configured for IBM Cognos Series 7.
  9. From the File menu, click Save.
  10. Test the connection to a new namespace. In the Explorer window, under Authentication, right-click the new authentication resource and click Test.

    You are prompted to enter credentials for a user in the namespace to complete the test.

    Depending on how your namespace is configured, you can enter either a valid user ID and password for a user in the namespace or the bind user DN and password.