Custom sorting

You can specify custom sorting for columns in a data module and use it in dashboards, reports, explorations, and stories that are based on this module.

To view or define custom sorting definitions, click the vertical arrows icon to open the Custom sort order panel, as shown in the following image.

Custom sorting user interface

The custom sort order definitions are displayed in the Custom sort order panel. To specify a new definition, click the add icon Add button. In the Data module panel, the column values are sorted in the custom order. However, in the Grid view, the column values are sorted according to the source sort order.

The column Members display property now includes the Custom option, where yo can select the specified Custom sort order.

Custom sorting user interface

In dashboards, the column members in the data tree are sorted in the custom order, and the column Members display property is set to the Custom option.

Custom sort order

For more information, see Defining custom sort order.