Adding or removing tables from a view

You can edit an existing view in a data module by adding tables or removing tables.

In previous versions of Cognos® Analytics, you could only add or remove columns from the view tables.

From the view context menu in the data tree or on the Custom tables tab, select the Edit table view option to open the view editor.

View editor

Initially, the editor shows a list of all the columns in the view. If you click the View reference tables icon View reference tables icon, the list shows only the tables in the view.

Reference view in the editor

If you click the Tree view icon Tree view icon, the list of items changes to a tree view.

To add or remove tables, click the Previous button. In the Edit table editor, ensure that the view is switched to All tables. Now, you can select the tables to add or remove from the view. Then, click Next.

All tables view in the editor

For more information, see Creating custom tables.