Importing metadata from Architect models or Impromptu catalogs

To import metadata from an IBM® Cognos® Architect model or an Impromptu catalog, you must first convert it to XML files. Because of differences between IBM Cognos Series 7 and IBM Cognos Analytics, after you import the migrated metadata in IBM Cognos Framework Manager, additional work is required to test and refine the metadata.


  1. Ensure that you exported the Architect model or Impromptu catalog.
  2. Click the namespace, folder, or segment you want to import into.
  3. Click Actions, Run Metadata Wizard.
  4. Click either IBM Cognos Architect (.xml) or IBM Cognos Impromptu (.xml), and click Next.
  5. Locate the Architect or Impromptu XML file that contains the metadata to import.

    A message in the XML Preview window confirms that you chose a valid XML file.

  6. Click Open.
  7. Select the namespace containing your Series 7 security information.
  8. Click Import.

    A list of created objects displays.

  9. If you want to verify the imported metadata, click the Verify after import check box.
  10. Click Finish.