Auto-complete and popular search suggestions in the Learn pane

Find answers to your Cognos Analytics questions faster! The Learn pane now predicts your search query as you type keywords in the Search field and displays a list of search suggestions from all content types.

This auto-complete feature makes it easy to complete your search quickly. Simply select a search suggestion to see related help content.

Learn pane with auto-complete suggestions

When you search in any supported language other than English, the auto-complete feature returns translated documentation in your search suggestions. You also see blogs and videos that match your search query, however, blogs and videos aren't translated.

As you type a keyword, notice that spell check suggests the correct spelling for a misspelled word. Search suggestions are displayed based on the correct spelling of the keyword. However, the Learn pane also gives you the option to search for misspelled keyword instead.

Not sure what to search for in the Learn pane? Click the Search field to see a list of popular search suggestions.

Suggested searches in the Learn pane