Add a Legend Title to a Map

There are legend titles for the entire legend, for the color of the regions, for the color of the points, and for the size of the points.


  1. If the legend title is not showing, click the legend icon legend icon.
  2. In the General section of the Properties pane, set the Legend Title to Show.
  3. In the report, double-click the legend title and type the title.
  4. By default, the legend titles are taken from the object you have selected from the data source. To change the legend title for the region color, point color, or point size, do one of the following:
    • Click the Toolbox icon toolbox icon, drag a text or calculation object to the Color Legend Title drop zone in the Region Layer or Point Layer, or the Size Legend Title drop zone in the Point Layer.
    • Double-click the Color Legend Title or Size Legend Title drop zone, to change from the default legend title, then double-click the drop zone again. In the Text dialog box, type text for the legend title.