Modeling relational metadata

Note: Information on SAP BW metadata is in separate topics.

After importing metadata, you must ensure that it is set up to meet your users' reporting requirements, and provide any additional information that they require. Enhancements you make in IBM® Cognos® Framework Manager do not affect the original data source.

Tip: To verify that the model meets the reporting requirements, you can select objects that will display in a report and test them. The test results show you the report that your users will see as well as the SQL and messages from the IBM Cognos software, if any. Or you can publish a package at any time and then use the package to create reports.

You can check the project at any time to ensure that the references between the objects it contains are valid. See Verifying models or packages.

Create at least two views: the import view and the business view. Using two, or more, views makes it easier to remap items to a new data source.