Configuring IBM Cognos Framework Manager

You must configure IBM® Cognos® Framework Manager to communicate with IBM Cognos Analytics and its components.

Before you begin

Install and configure IBM Cognos Analytics before you configure Framework Manager. You must first install and configure Content Manager, and start the IBM Cognos service on at least one Content Manager computer. This ensures that the certificate authority service issues a certificate to the Framework Manager computer.

You also need to configure the data sources that you plan to use in Framework Manager projects.

About this task

If you install Framework Manager on the same computer as IBM Cognos Analytics (to a different directory), configuration is not required if the following conditions apply:

  • Web server is configured to use the default virtual directories.
  • Default ports, resources, and cryptographic settings are used.

When Framework Manager is installed outside the network firewall that protects the application tier components, communication issues with the dispatcher can arise. To avoid such issues, you can either install Framework Manager with the application tier components or install and configure a gateway that is dedicated to Framework Manager - dispatcher communications. For more information, see Configuring Framework Manager inside the network firewall or Configuring Framework Manager outside the network firewall.

Note: If you receive the following error message, when testing after a fresh install or upgrade, save the configuration first and then test the configuration.
[Subject Alternative Name test] [ ERROR ] CAM-CRP-1655 Member coordination host 
in Configuration Group is not configured properly. The host name must be configured 
in one of the following ways: 
- It must match the Subject Alternative Name DNS names or IP addresses 
under the Cryptography configuration section. 
- If Subject Alternative Name is not configured in Cryptography configuration, then it 
must match the server common name.


  1. On the computer where you installed Framework Manager, start IBM Cognos Configuration that is installed with Framework Manager.
  2. In the Explorer pane, click Environment.
  3. Specify appropriate values for the following settings, where the ca_server placeholder represents the Cognos Analytics server.
    Gateway URI
    Default: http://ca_server:port/bi/v1/disp
    Example: http://my_ca_server:9300/bi/v1/disp
    This URI must always be the same as for Cognos Analytics.
    Dispatcher URI for external applications
    Default: http://ca_server:port/bi/api/soap
    Example: http://my_ca_server:9300/bi/api/soap

    If the URIs contain localhost, replace localhost with a fully-qualified host name or IP address.

  4. From the File menu, click Save.


Framework Manager is configured to communicate with IBM Cognos Analytics.