Custom maps and icons in Map charts

In IBM® Cognos® Analytics you can customize Map charts with your-style maps and your-style icons.

Before you begin

To create a custom map, you must have an account on Mapbox.


  1. To create a custom map:
    1. In a browser, navigate to Mapbox and log in to your account.
    2. To create a map of your style, click Styles to open page with styles.
    3. Click the New Style button.
    4. Select a predefined template, for example, Monochrome.
    5. In Choose a variation, select a map variation from options.
    6. Click the Customize TemplateName, Customize Monochrome for the template Monochrome.
    7. To implement your icons in the map, click the Images tab, and download an SVG file.

      The recommended file size is 15 pixel x 15 pixel.

      In file names, the following characters are allowed: the alphanumeric characters, the underscore, and the hyphen.

      To learn about supported SVG elements and attributes, see SVG support (https://git page.

    8. To provide a name to the style, click the name of the template, for example, Monochrome, and enter the name of your choice in the field.
    9. To save the map, click the Publish button.
  2. To use a custom map in Visualizations:
    1. Click the map, and go to Properties > Chart.
    2. In the Map base field, select Custom.
    3. In the URL field, paste your style URL copied from Mapbox.
    4. Press Enter.
  3. To use custom icons for Regions or Points in the Map chart:.
    1. Click the map, and go to Properties > Region layer or Properties > Points layer.
    2. In the Icon field, select Custom.
    3. In the Custom icon name field, enter the name of the icon.


The changed properties are implemented now. Your-style map and icons are displayed in the Map chart.