Configuring data source connections when using Kerberos

Use the guidelines in this topic when configuring the connection strings for data source connections using Kerberos single sign-on.


  1. In the Signon section, select external namespace and select the Active Directory namespace from the list. For dual tab (Native and JDBC) connection strings, the Signon section is on the Native tab.
  2. In the Connection properties field, specify ibmcognos.authentication=java_krb5, and then add the properties required by the JDBC driver for Kerberos authentication, if any. For data source connections with dual tab (Native and JDBC), this field is on the JDBC tab and is called JDBC Connection Parameters.

    If IBM® Cognos® Analytics is installed on a computer that are running Microsoft™ Windows™ operating systems, you do not have to specify ibmcognos.authentication=java_krb5 for Microsoft SQL Server and Teradata data source connections.

  3. Test the data source connection.


The following are examples for data source connection properties for some data sources:

  • For Teradata data source connections:


  • For SAP-HANA data source connections:


  • For Microsoft SQL Server data source connections: