Formatting query items

You can specify how query item values display in reports. Use the Format property to choose a format type, such as text, date, and currency. Each format type contains properties that further specify how the data displays.

For example, you can assign the Currency format type to a numeric query item, and then use the No. of Decimal Places property in the Data Format dialog box to specify how many decimal places display in reports.

Some characters are language-sensitive and display properly only when your locale supports the applicable font. For example, for Japanese currency symbols to display correctly, your locale must be set to Japanese.

If IBM® Cognos® Framework Manager does not show the currency you require, you must ensure that you install the appropriate language packs to support the currency symbols. For example, to have the Indian currency symbol (rupee) display, you must run an operating system or install a language pack that can show this symbol. The Japanese operating system or Japanese language is one that can show the Indian currency symbol.

You can define properties for several query items at the same time. However, if the query items have different format types, all properties that were previously specified are overridden and the default values from the data source are used. If the original format types of the selected query items are the same, all the properties for the selected query items are set identically.

For example, to use the same decimal separator for two query items and to keep the number of decimals different, each query item must be changed individually. If both are selected and changed at the same time, all properties including the number of decimals are set identically for both query items.


  1. In the Project Viewer pane, click the query item you want to format.
  2. In the Properties tab of the Properties pane, click the Format property.
  3. Select the appropriate Format type.
  4. In the Properties box, select or type the appropriate property value.
  5. Click OK.