Search is a quick and easy way to find content in your IBM® Cognos® Analytics application.

You can search for items such as dashboards, stories, data modules, reports, folders, and so on. You can also search for table or column labels, XML report specifications, URL items, shortcuts, templates, and more. Search doesn't return results for content that's archived, but you can access archived content from a report that's listed in one of your folders.

The search box is located in the application bar, as shown in the following screen capture:

Changed search location

To find items, type the search terms (keywords, phrases, strings), and click the Enter key. After the search results are listed, you can save your search by clicking the Save search button. If your search returns too many results, you can click the filter icon Filter icon, and select the options that you want. The filter option is only available after you do an initial search. The filters are saved with the search.

Save search results

From the search results page, you can initiate actions on the returned items. If you select multiple items (by clicking their check boxes), the related actions that are available for all or at least one item are shown in the actions toolbar, above the search results.

Save search results

To view the actions for a specific item, select the checkbox for this item (all other items must be deselected), and click its Action menu icon Vertical context menu. The actions that are available for the selected item are shown. For example, the following screen capture shows actions for a report.

Report actions from search results.

For more information, see Content view.

Special characters in search terms

You can use special characters in your search terms.

The following characters are tested regularly and are safe to use: ~`!@#$%^&*()-+={[}]|:;'<,>.?/

Enclosing the search terms in double quotation marks

When you enclose your search terms in double quotation marks (" "), the search results include only those instances where the terms appear in the exact order as within the double quotation marks. Fuzzy search is deactivated in this case.

Fuzzy search

Cognos Analytics supports fuzzy search. The results provided by this type of search match the search term closely instead of exactly. Fuzzy search finds relevant results even when you don't know the exact search term or misspell the term.

Emphasized keywords in search results

The keywords in search results are emphasized by using the bold font style.

If you want to know why certain items appear in the search results, and where exactly is the keyword found, select the item check box in the search results, and in the toolbar that appears, click Result reason.

Result reason

You can also access the Result reason dialog box from the item context menu Vertical actions menu icon, by clicking Result reason.

Search index size

The tests show that in a controlled and monitored multi-server installation of Cognos Analytics the size of the search index files grows approximately by 3 GB for every 1 million objects in the content store database.

Note: To determine the number of objects in the content store, you can run the CSsize_profiling_VENDOR_NAME.sql script that is stored in the cognos_analytics_location\appcm\configuration\schemas\content directory. The scripts are provided by vendors. However, this activity requires extra resources, and puts strain on the application CPU and memory.