License roles

Cognos Analytics on Cloud Hosted supports 3 types of license roles: Mobile, Viewer, and User.

The following table provides more information about the product functions that are available with the different license roles.





Access with the Cognos Analytics for Mobile app only: view dashboards and explorations, and create boards checkmark    
Access with the Cognos Analytics for Mobile app only: use the AI Assistant and proactive alerts checkmark   checkmark
View reports, interact with dashboards, use storytelling, collaboration, and the Cognos Analytics for Mobile app   checkmark checkmark
Execute and receive promoted reports   checkmark checkmark
Data preparation and connectivity to cloud and on-premises data     checkmark
Create reports, dashboards, and open-source visualizations     checkmark
Managed report distribution: scheduling and bursting     checkmark
Smart data discovery and AI exploration     checkmark
Integration with IBM Watson Studio (requires separate subscription)     checkmark